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children's & youth ministry 

growing and glowing for christ! 

The children’s and youth ministry is a place where young people discover and experience God. We love partnering with parents to help young people grow in their walk with God and develop a lasting relationship with him. We invite you to check out all of the amazing opportunities we have to grow our children!

Our Agape Kids are our future, so we make sure they are fully engaged and secured in fun, age-appropriate Bible experiences during children's and youth church and special events.

We believe that young people matter to God. All leaders working in our ministry know that God loves each and every child, so they matter to us! 

We also believe that children should have fun, so we use creativity, innovation, and adventure in reaching them and holding their attention. We believe that children are more receptive to the lessons when they are presented in a creative way.

  • When kids are having fun, they remain actively engaged
  • When they are actively engaged in the lesson, they are learning
  • When they are learning, they are growing

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